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At Appliance Accreditor, our goal is to take all of the uncertainty out of your online shopping process by offering thorough and honest appliance reviews.

The fact is, consumers are relying on online retailers for appliance purchases more and more every year. And for good reason – you can get better prices and have infinitely more options when buying online.

But, these options do come with a cost. For one, it can be difficult to narrow down all of your options and identify the appliance that is best for your home and your lifestyle. Additionally, you miss out on the opportunity to get hands-on with your potential purchase.

Many appliance review sites miss the mark when it comes to providing honest opinions about appliances. At Appliance Accreditor, we want to give you the best appliance reviews possible to make your online shopping a breeze.

Our Approach

Appliance Accreditor makes it easy to find your perfect appliance. 

Our buyer’s guides are designed to give you all the clarity and information you need when planning your next appliance purchase. We understand that these can be big purchases that you’ll probably have in your home for years. So, we make sure to highlight all of the concerns and considerations surrounding a given type of appliance, ensuring that you are well-equipped and prepared for your purchase.

Our comprehensive appliance reviews address all of the features that you need to consider before making a purchase. We understand that many people are looking for appliances that meet their unique needs. To provide you with the best recommendations, we look in-depth at all of the details and features of every product we review. We believe that our thorough approach will help you find your perfect match every time.

Ready to get started? Head over to our blog to check out our latest content. We have plenty of kitchen appliance reviews, small appliance reviews and home appliance reviews that were written with your needs in mind.

Our Commitment to You

Appliances are products that you use on a regular, if not daily, basis. If you’re going to spend the money on a new appliance or similar product, you expect it to serve its purpose and hold up over the years. And of course, you’ll want them to be more than safe enough for you and your family.

For these reasons, we have developed an incredibly rigorous process for testing and reviewing the appliances we recommend on our website. We have partnered with both local and online retailers to get hands-on with these appliances and put them to the test. This means that many items don’t make the cut – and we’re okay with that. Our strict review process ensures that you only have to choose between the highest-quality options on the market.

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