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Tyler McMurray


Hey there! I'm the founder of Appliance Accreditor. I decided to create Appliance Accreditor when I was shopping online for a blender. I was overwhelmed by my options and underwhelmed by the trustworthy resources available to me. In the internet age, it should be easier for you to find a solution to your needs! Now, Appliance Accreditor is around to be that solution.

tyler mcmurray
jason webb

Jason Webb


Hello! My name is Jason. I love the outdoors, which is what inspired me to join the Appliance Accreditor crew. I'm always on the look-out for the best gadgets to take with me when I go hiking or camping. Today, I'm proud to put these gadgets to the test and share my reviews for fellow outdoorsmen!

Renee Matthews


Hi! Renee here! As a mother and a loving pet owner, caring for my family is my biggest passion! It can be hard to find appliances that meet our complex needs – especially in the kitchen. I'm excited to help other families of all shapes and sizes find the perfect home appliances.

renee matthews
Taylor Jacobson

Taylor Jacobson


What's up! I'm Taylor! I'm your resident expert for everything RVs at Appliance Accreditor. I have my own RV and love life on the road. I'll talk your ear off about van life or vegetarianism – but I'm also ready to give you recommendations based on my favorite appliances.

Zachary Palmer


Hey! I'm Zachary. Living in NYC, I often have a tough time finding appliances and other products that are suited for my lifestyle. Appliance Accreditor gives me an opportunity to find what works best for me and share my recommendations with others in my position! I like to focus on products that travel easily and are ideal for smaller homes.

Zachary Palmer