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Best Air Purifier for Homes with Pets

In this Appliance Accreditor review, I'll tell you why the LEVOIT Air Purifier earned our accreditation for the best air purifier for homes with pets.

I use this exact air purifier to keep my home free of pet dander, pet hair and odors!

If you'd like to eliminate pet hair, dander, allergens and pet odors from your home, keep reading. After reviewing the features of the LEVOIT air purifier, we'll take a look at some other great air purifier options for pet owners. Then, I'll give you some helpful information regarding air purifiers in the home and how to best keep your air clean with pets around!

Best Air Purifier for Homes with Pets: LEVOIT Air Purifier

The LEVOIT Air Purifier is a highly capable and efficient air purifier, which is why it's also received our accreditation for the best air purifier for VOC removal.

It all comes down to the brilliant design of the filter and fan system. On the surface, the LEVOIT air purifier uses a fairly standard 3-stage purification system. This includes a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. The pre-filter captures hairs and other large particles from the air, while the HEPA filter captures the smallest particles floating around in your home. The activated carbon filter removes odors, which is an essential component for any home with a pet.

The best part of the filter and fan setup, however, is its efficiency. The LEVOIT air purifier is 30% more efficient, and moves air 30% faster than other air purifiers. This means it will replace the air in the room 4.5 times an hour!

The LEVOIT air purifier uses a 3-stage purification system, which includes a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. Thanks to the unique design of these filters, the LEVOIT air purifier is 30% more efficient and 30% faster than other air purifiers. This means that this air purifier can change the air in a room at the rate of 4.5 times per hour. Of course, that's only in rooms that are 360 sq. feet or less – this air purifier is not designed for rooms larger than that.

The LEVOIT air purifier also comes with a few smart technology features. For starters, it will monitor the air in your home and adjust its speed levels accordingly. If it detects dirty air, it'll kick itself up a notch to purify the surrounding air. Once clean, the air purifier will switch to a lower setting to save energy. It also monitors its filter over time. It calculates the lifespan of its filter on a regular basis based on its activity. This means you'll know exactly when to replace your filter – no estimates needed!


  • Thorough air filtering
  • Odor reduction
  • Filter monitoring and smart adjustments
  • Quiet and efficient


  • Maximum room size of 360 sq. feet (for best results)

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Runner-Up: Hathaspace Smart Air Purifier

The Hathaspace Smart Air Purifier is a thorough 5-in-1 air purifier complete with smart technology. It's great for eliminating odors, dust, pet dander and other irritants from the air.

The stand-out feature of the Hathaspace air purifier is the five stage purification process. The device features a pre-filter for pet hair and other large particles, followed by an activated carbon filter for odor elimination. Then, an anti-bacterial filter removes fungi and other germs from the air. Next, a HEPA filter eliminates the bulk of air particles, followed by an optional ionizer that charges particles to make them easier to clean.

Like the LEVOIT air purifier, the Hathaspace air purifier will monitor air quality in real-time and adjust its operation accordingly. This automatic mode will quickly adapt to keep your air as clean as possible. It will also display the current cleanliness of your air on an LED display. To make operation even easier, the device comes with a remote control.

The Hathaspace air filter is suitable for spaces about 350 sq. feet and less, similar to the LEVOIT air purifier. Unfortunately, it purifies air at a slower rate, cycling air in the room about twice per hour.


  • Nano cold catalyst pre-filter for pet hair and dander
  • Smart features
  • 5-stage purification


  • Maximum room size of 350 sq. feet (for best results)
  • Slower air purification

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Premium Option: Winix Ultimate Pet Air Purifier

The Winix Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is, as the name suggests, an air purifier specifically for homes with pets! It's more expensive than other options on this list, but it's definitely designed with pet owners in mind.

The Winix air purifier starts with a pre-filter that is specifically designed to capture pet hair from the air. Plus, it's washable, so it's always a breeze to keep clean. After the pre-filter, you'll find a true HEPA filter to catch dander and other small particles, relieving allergies in the home. Then, the air will be pushed through a high efficiency deodorized carbon filter, which is ideal for capturing pet odors. These components are topped off with plasma wave technology, which further breaks down odors and eliminates pollutants at the molecular level.

Smart technology is a common feature of air purifiers, so it's no surprise that the Winix offers some of its own. In addition to a standard air cleanliness monitor, the Winix has an odor sensor. Both the dust sensor and the odor sensor are used together to monitor air quality. As the device detects different levels of odor or cleanliness, it will automatically adjust its settings to provide optimal levels of air purity.

The Winix is clearly a specialized device for homes with pets. Unfortunately, it can't be used for areas as large as the air purifiers above. It is only certified for spaces up to 300 sq. feet. This is still a good amount, and will typically be enough for family rooms, bedrooms and similar spaces. But, don't expect this to be able to circulate air through the entire home.


  • Odor and dust sensor
  • Designed for homes with pets
  • 5-stage purification
  • Easily washable filters


  • Maximum room size of 300 sq. feet (for best results)

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Budget Option: LEVOIT Small Air Purifier

If you have smaller pets that don't shed as often, the LEVOIT small air purifier may be a great solution for you. It is similar to the LEVOIT air purifier in many ways, just in a smaller package!

Just like the full-sized LEVOIT air purifier, the small air purifier includes the same pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter for 3-stage air purification. This makes it a great solution for capturing pet hair and dander while also eliminating odors from the home.

As a smaller machine, this LEVOIT air purifier offers the benefit of quieter operation. While many air purifiers offer low-volume operation, the size of this device really helps. I've never been bothered much by full-sized air purifiers, but even for light sleepers, this air purifier won't be an issue.

Just like the other LEVOIT air purifier, this device will also notify you when the filter needs to be changed. This is a feature I really appreciate because most air purifiers just give you an estimate. As a result, you'll typically end up swapping out the filter either too early or too late, costing you money or clean air!

Of course, as a smaller device, this LEVOIT air purifier will not be suitable for spaces as large as the air purifiers we looked at above. You can use this air purifier for rooms approximately 269 sq. feet and smaller, but if you want to use this for larger spaces or even the whole home, you'll need to pick up a couple of them.


  • All the features of a full-sized air purifier
  • Strong filtration and odor elimination
  • Filter monitoring and speed adjustment
  • Lower price point


  • Limited use – medium/smaller rooms

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Air Purifiers, Pets & Your Home

Getting an air purifier is the first step in maintaining a high air quality and the cleanliness of your home. Consider the following in order to get the best results!

Where to Place Air Purifier

The location of your air purifier is very important, especially because many of them will be limited by the size of space they are effective in. If you place them in a poor position, they will not be able to clean your air efficiently and you may not get the results you desire.

A general rule is to place your air purifier as near to the source of odors or pollutants as you can. For pet odors, this may mean you should place your air purifier near the litter box or dog bed. With this placement, your air purifier will cycle the odor-filled air before it cycles through air in other parts of the room. If your air purifier is mostly to remove hair or dander from the air, place it wherever your pets play or spend the most time. Again, placing the device nearest to the source will ensure that the hairs and irritants are captured as soon as possible.

Take Other Steps to Reduce Pet Hair and Odors

Air purifiers are a great tool for keeping the home free of pet hair, dander and odors. But, there are other steps you can take, too. Plus, an air purifier won't be the end-all be-all solution to keeping the home clean.

If you regularly clean your floors, for example, there will be less hair and dander that can become airborne. Cleaning your floors regularly can also help with odors, since hair is often one of the main sources of pet odor.

Vacuums are one of the best ways to do this, but not all vacuums are equal! Pet hair can quickly become tangled and clog up vacuum cleaners, so you'll need to make sure you have a vacuum cleaner that can handle the demands of your pets. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Check out our review of the best vacuum cleaner for animals. If you are looking for a lightweight solution, we've also reviewed the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair.

Are you looking for other appliance recommendations? We've got a full buyer's guide that covers appliances for pet owners. Or, to take a look at our other product reviews, head over to our blog to see the latest content from Appliance Accreditor.

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