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Best Blender for All Purposes

Blenders are some of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can have in your home. There's no reason you should buy blenders for one specific item, when you can just purchase a blender that can do everything you need it to do!

After thoroughly testing a lot of blenders, we determined that the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is the best blender for all purposes. In this Appliance Accreditor review, we'll look at why the Blendtec earned our accreditation for the best blender for all purposes. I'll also share some of the other blenders that I liked, as well as a few things to consider when picking out your new blender.

Best in Blending: Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is everything you'll ever need in a blender. It's the classic for a reason!

The Blendtec can handle practically anything you throw at it. Soup, ice cream, cocktails, smoothies, dough and more can all be effortlessly blended in this appliance. And more importantly, it can blend them with great results. So how does the Blendtec do it?

Blendtec blenders have patented blades that are not found in any other blender. These blades are made out of reinforced steel for extreme durability, and are cleverly designed with blunt edges. You may think that sharp blades are a necessity for a decent blender – but Blendtec proves that this isn't the case. The blunt edges of the blade are able to completely pulverize any ingredient in your blender, whereas sharp blades may not be able to do the job. It's also definitely worth mentioning that these blunt blades are way safer and easier to touch and clean!

The Blendtec blender also features a unique pitcher shape. While most blenders are four-sided or cylindrical, the Blendtec pitcher has five sides. This helps you blend ingredients faster and more evenly! Thanks to the fifth side, ingredients are automatically pulled into the blades. With traditional four-sided pitchers, you may find yourself shoving your ingredients into the blades in order to get everything to blend.

In addition to the great features already mentioned, the Blendtec comes equipped with several pre-programmed blend cycles. If you are making one of six common recipes, you can just hit the blend cycle and let your blender do the work. No need to monitor your recipe and guess when it's done!


  • Highly durable and powerful blades
  • Five-sided pitcher for thorough blending
  • Many pre-programmed blend cycles
  • Ideal for nearly all recipes and foods


  • No additional accessories
  • No “smart” features

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Runner-Up: Ninja Blender and Food Processor System

You really can't go wrong with a Ninja blender, and the Ninja Blender and Food Processor System is a great testament to that. This is a great all-purpose blender that can handle any recipe you make.

As a blender and food processing system, this Ninja blender can really do it all. It's designed to be much more than a blender, and it's rare that these multi-purpose appliances can deliver in those regards. But, I found that the Ninja blender was a more than capable blender, with food processing abilities to match.

The benefit of getting a blender and food processing system in one machine is that you can use it for prep and for individual recipes. Of course, blenders are a must for smoothies, milkshakes and other treats. But I really learned to appreciate having this blender when I started to incorporate it into other meals. I use the Ninja blender to chop onions, make pizza dough and carry out other cooking tasks that would otherwise take me a ton of time.

One of the biggest benefits to getting a Ninja blender is their Auto-iQ technology. Instead of manually adjusting the blender settings to get a smooth, consistent blend, the Auto-iQ technology does it for you. Simply switch your blender on and us the Auto-iQ boost setting. The blender will automatically adjust its speed and pulse rate to optimize the consistency of your recipe.

I will say, one of the things that disappoints me about Ninja blenders is the noise. It's a powerful blender, but it certainly shows it with the operating volume.


  • Auto-IQ technology
  • Individual smoothie cups
  • Dough and chopping blade attachments


  • Noisy
  • Blades dull over time

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Premium Option: Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix has long reigned as the premium brand for blenders. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is one of the most versatile and powerful blenders I've used, but it comes with a price tag that reflects the brand's reputation and quality.

The Vitamix is a fairly simple blender, but it packs a punch. As it turns out, you don't need fancy attachments and features to be an exceptional blender. In fact, the strength of the Vitamix is in its simple, yet efficient design. The blades are aircraft-grade, giving you access to some of the most durable blades available. A powerful motor completes the system to provide fast and smooth blends.

A perk of the simple design of the Vitamix is that it's incredibly user-friendly. It has an on/off switch, a pulse switch for mid-blending adjustments, and a variable speed setting. On the variable speed knob, you'll also find a handful of pre-programmed settings. Like other blenders we've looked at, these will help you blend some of the more common blender recipes without any guesswork or monitoring.

The Vitamix can blend soups, dough, baby food, smoothies and even nut butter. Few blenders are powerful enough to blend a smooth nut butter, so this is definitely a feature worth noting if you are planning on making some at home.

Outside of the price, my only real complaint with this blender is that I missed some of the flashier features that the other blenders offered.


  • User-friendly design
  • High power, durable blades
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Great for nut butter and many other demanding recipes


  • No attachments or high-tech features

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Budget Option: Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

If you're looking for a budget-friendly, yet versatile blender, Ninja has a great option with the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.

Like other Ninja blenders, the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender comes equipped with the Total Crushing Technology. This features guarantees that you'll get smooth, creamy results whether you're blending ice, frozen fruit, or other chunky items.

One of my favorite features of this blender is the blade design. Instead of only featuring a blade at the bottom of the pitcher, the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender has additional blades throughout the entire pitcher. This ensures that none of your ingredients will go untouched. Whether they get sucked towards the bottom or they float near the top, they'll be blended thoroughly by the many blades.

If you're big on smoothies or taking other blender recipes to-go, you'll love the individual cups that come with this blender. You'll be able to blend beverages in single-serve batches, or distribute a larger batch into individual cups for travel.

This blender does not offer any pre-programmed settings, but it does have three distinct blending speeds that you can use to find your perfect blend.


  • Total Crushing Technology
  • Multiple blades throughout the pitcher
  • Individual blending cups
  • Lower price point


  • Limited blend settings (no pre-programmed cycles)

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Things to Consider When Buying Your Blender

Before making a purchase, you'll want to consider a few things to make sure that the blender you're selecting is the one that will best fulfill your needs.

What is the Best Blender for Me?

The blender that is best for you will depend on several factors, including your budget and the type of recipes you plan on making with your blender.

I recommend writing down a list of the things you want to make in your blender. It may also be helpful to consider how often you plan on using your blender.

Do you plan on making demanding recipes, like nut butter? If so, you'll want to make sure you pick out a blender that is powerful enough and durable enough to get the job done.

Do you plan on using your blender on a weekly or even daily basis? If so, durability and reliability will be a huge factor to consider. The blades in blenders get duller over time, so you'll need to make sure you select a blender that is designed for frequent use.

Are you looking for a blender to make just an occasional smoothie or milkshake? Smoothies are a staple for any blender owner, but they don't require as much power as you might think. If you don't have any big plans for your blender besides these beverages, you can probably get by without a premium appliance.

What is the Difference Between a Food Processor and a Blender?

Food processors and blenders are used for very different tasks. Blenders are best suited for liquids and mixing ingredients together. This is why blenders are often used for smoothies, juices, nut butters and more. A food processor is a better tool for preparing food for cooking. They are designed to save you time from performing tasks like chopping, crushing or dicing. Food processors are ideal for chopping vegetables, mixing dough and related tasks.

There is some overlap in these appliances, which is why many blenders offer food processing attachments and blades. If you plan on using your blender for more than beverages, it might be beneficial to get a blender like the Ninja Blender and Food Processor System.

How to Clean a Blender

Keeping your blender clean will ensure that it lasts for several years and continues to deliver smooth, consistent results.

Since blenders are built to blend liquids, they're essentially designed to clean themselves! Some blenders have a self-cleaning function because of this, but you don't need one of these special blend cycles to take advantage of a blender's self-cleaning capabilities.

After blending your recipe, pour some warm water into your blender, followed by a drop of dish soap. Turn your blender on high, and let it work! This will typically only take about a minute, then you can pour out the water and let your clean blender dry.

If this doesn't work, you may want to put your blender in the dishwasher. Most blenders are dishwasher safe, but always check with the manufacturer to be sure. Don't forget to separate all the pieces to make sure everything gets a thorough cleaning!

If you're looking for any other information to help you find the right blender, take a look at our blenders buyer's guide! We also have a guide on small kitchen appliances if you're looking for other kitchen accessories. Finally, be sure to visit our blog for the latest content from Appliance Accreditor!

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