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best dehumidifier for boats

Best Dehumidifier for Boats

In this Appliance Accreditor review, I'll tell you why the Yaufey Dehumidifier earned our accreditation for the best dehumidifier for boats.

By nature, boats are going to encounter a lot of moisture. When this moisture gets trapped in the cabin of the boat, your boat can get hot, wet and even damaged. With the Yaufey dehumidifier, you can keep this space dry, cool and well-preserved so that your boat lasts for years to come. This is especially important if you carry anything valuable on your boat, like scuba gear or spearfishing gear.

If you want to get the best humidifier for your boat, keep reading. After taking a closer look at the Yaufey dehumidifier, I'll review some of your other best options for boat dehumidifiers. Then, we'll tackle some FAQs regarding dehumidifiers in your boat and other ways you can keep your boat cool and dry.

Best Dehumidifier for Boats: Yaufey Dehumidifier

The Yaufey dehumidifier is an incredibly effective dehumidifier. It's removes a ton of water per day, which is the main reason it earned our top recommendation.

The Yaufey dehumidifier removes four gallons of water from the air per day – that's 32 pints of liquid! When you consider how much water your boat will encounter, you'll realize that you need a capable machine like this to keep the moisture inside your boat to a minimum. Many dehumidifiers only remove a few ounces of water each day. With the Yaufey dehumidifier, you can count on your boat remaining as dry as possible.

Plus, the Yaufey dehumidifier offers 24-hour operation. It will automatically shut off whenever the tank fills. Or, you can connect the device to a drain hose, which is conveniently included with your dehumidifier. By connecting the drain hose to the device, you can run the dehumidifier around the clock. The water collected from the air will automatically drain through the hose so you don't have to worry about emptying the tank. I would recommend using it this way, since the tank is fairly small for the speed at which the Yaufey collects water.

The Yaufey dehumidifier is very user-friendly. Once you plug it in, you can use the simple control panel to set your desired humidity level – ranging between 30% and 80%. Then, it will immediately detect the humidity levels in its environment and adjust its operation accordingly. The Yaufey dehumidifier will continue to adjust its power levels as the humidity levels change, saving you energy and ensuring constant humidity levels.

This Yaufey dehumidifier is lightweight and it's also on wheels, which makes it easy to move around. Unfortunately, this might not be what you want when you're on the water! It can easily be fastened to something, but this is definitely an inconvenience.


  • Removes 4 gallons of liquid/day
  • Included drain hose
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Suitable for spaces up to 1,500 sq. feet


  • 1/2 gallon tank size
  • May roll around while boat is in motion

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Runner-Up: Inofia Dehumidifier

The Inofia dehumidifier is a close second behind the Yaufey dehumidifier. In fact, depending on your personal preferences, this dehumidifier may be a better option for you than the Yaufey.

Just like the Yaufey dehumidifier, the Inofia device will remove up to four gallons of water from the air per day. Again, this is a highly valuable feature considering how much water and humid air your boat can see on a regular basis.

The Inofia device can run continuously, saving you the trouble of repeatedly emptying the water tank and adjusting the settings. All you have to do is set it to the lowest humidity setting – 30%RH – and let it do the rest. Of course, you'll also need to attach the drain hose to the device so that it can operate without you needing to empty it. Fortunately, this hose is included – but it is a little shorter than the one that comes with the Yaufey dehumidifier. Like I said with the Yaufey, you'll want to use this feature since the tank is quite small.

Like the Yaufey and other modern dehumidifiers, the Inofia dehumidifier monitors the air's humidity levels in real-time and adjusts when necessary. It can automatically change its fan speed and timer in order to keep your air dry and fresh.

Recommended for spaces 1,056 sq. feet and smaller, the Inofia dehumidifier doesn't offer quite as much capability as the Yaufey dehumidifier. But, even large boat cabins are often well under this measurement, so you will have no problem using the Inofia dehumidifier for your boat.


  • Removes 4 gallons of liquid/day
  • Included drain hose
  • Self-adjusting technology
  • Suitable for spaces up to 1,056 sq. feet


  • 1/2 gallon tank size
  • Heavier than most units

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Premium Option: Meaco Zambezi Dehumidifier

The Meaco Zambezi Dehumidifier is a high-end dehumidifier that is perfect for boats and other large spaces.

Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, the Meaco Zambezi is a desiccant dehumidifier. Standard dehumidifiers use a refrigeration approach, causing warm air to condense on the cool interior. This results in moisture collecting inside of the dehumidifier, where it will be removed from the air. Desiccant dehumidifiers, on the other hand, uses a chemical substance that naturally absorbs water. The desiccant can then be heated and dried, and the process will repeat.

The desiccant function allows this dehumidifier to work much more effectively at lower temperatures. Condenser dehumidifiers become ineffective when the air is already cool, while the desiccant will remove moisture from air at temperatures as low as 33ºF. Desiccant dehumidifiers are also quieter and more efficient.

The Meaco Zambezi dehumidifier even sterilizes the air as it operates. It will eliminate germs, bacteria, odors, mold and other pollutants from the air using a built-in ionizer. On top of this, the device will detect the humidity levels in the air. It will self-adjust its operation based on the moisture levels in the environment. As the Meaco Zambezi dehumidifier detects high moisture levels, it will kick into a higher gear. Similarly, it will automatically adjust to a lower power mode when the air becomes dryer.

One of the most convenient features of the Meaco Zambezi dehumidifier is its compatibility with a drain hose. It even includes one of these hoses! All you have to do is hook up the hose to your dehumidifier, and the machine will automatically drain as it runs. This allows you to run your dehumidifier at all times, without having to shut it down to frequently empty the tank.

Other features to note about the Meaco Zambezi: in order to dry the desiccant and continue working, the dehumidifier generates a good amount of heat. This may be appreciated in colder months, but it is something to keep in mind if you live in warmer climates. Also, with every purchase, the Meaco brand makes a donation to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, which helps to rescue and rehabilitate elephants. While this won't affect your dehumidifier, it's nice to know that your purchase will do some good!


  • Desiccant dehumidifier – great for colder climates
  • Compatible with included drain hose for constant operation
  • Cleans air during operation
  • Self-adjusting for best results
  • Each purchase results in a donation to an elephant orphanage


  • Generates a lot of heat

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Budget Option: Caframo Dehumidifier

The Caframo dehumidifier is a budget-friendly option that is perfect for keeping your boat dry during winter or infrequent use.

Unlike the dehumidifiers above, the Caframo works by circulating warm air throughout the cabin. This process helps dry the air while also eliminating mold, mildew and odor.

As a compact dehumidifier, the Caframo device is completely silent and energy efficient. Thanks to its small size, you can place it just about anywhere in your boat's cabin, as long as it has some space around it to evenly distribute air. However, it does have to be plugged in to operate.

One of the benefits of using this dehumidifier is that it doesn't have to be monitored or emptied. You can let the Caframo dehumidifier run around the clock for months at a time without worrying about maintenance.

As with all boat appliances, you need to be sure that salty air and water will not ruin your device. Luckily, the Caframo dehumidifier is designed for boat use, and its rugged aluminum design is highly resistant to corrosion.

The biggest downside with this device is that it does not remove water from the air as efficiently as the dehumidifiers above. The Caframo is more of a storage solution that can help keep your boat clean and dry when not in use. It can also be used for relatively minor humidity concerns. But, for significant or fast air moisture removal, I recommend sticking to one of the dehumidifiers we looked at above.


  • Compact and energy efficient
  • Designed for boat use – corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for spaces up to 1,000 cubic feet
  • Two year warranty


  • Does not collect water, so it works a little slower than the dehumidifiers above

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Boat Dehumidifier FAQs

Getting a dehumidifier is only the first step of improving your boat's air quality and protecting it from damage. Before you lock in your purchase for a new boat dehumidifier, consider some of these commonly asked questions regarding dehumidifiers for boats.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need for My Boat?

There are many size options when it comes to dehumidifiers. The reason this question is asked so frequently is because there is no one right answer!

The size of the dehumidifier you need will depend on the size of your boat. Larger dehumidifiers are designed for larger spaces, and smaller dehumidifiers are designed for smaller spaces. Large dehumidifiers are designed for spaces anywhere from 1,500 sq. feet up to 4,500 sq. feet and larger. Most boat cabins are much smaller than this, so you don't need to worry about getting a large dehumidifier.

For many boat owners, small or medium dehumidifiers will be plenty. On this list, we have reviewed mostly dehumidifiers in the medium range. All of these will be great options for boats of nearly any size. If you have a particularly small boat, you can probably get away with using the Caframo dehumidifier, which is designed for smaller spaces.

Where Should I Place My Dehumidifier?

Generally, you'll want to place your dehumidifier as close to the source of humidity and moisture as possible. However, it is also very important to leave your dehumidifier with several inches of empty space on all sides. This allows your dehumidifier to safely cycle through all of the air in its environment.

For most boat owners, the main source of humidity and moisture is the air. If this is your primary concern, try placing your dehumidifier nearest to the entrance of the boat cabin. This way, it will collect moisture as soon as it enters the boat.

If you keep anything wet in your boat, such as towels or other equipment, try placing your dehumidifier near those objects. It will prevent moisture from spreading to other areas of the cabin, and can even help your equipment dry faster.

How Else Can I Keep My Boat Dry?

The best way to keep your boat dry is by preventing moisture from entering it in the first place!

Whenever possible, seal any windows and doors that lead to the cabin of the boat. This will prevent moist, humid air from entering the cabin and causing it to feel wet and warm.

Don't forget to dry off before entering your boat! This is one that people often forget. If you enter your boat cabin soaking wet, that moisture will end up in the air. As a result, your boat will become increasingly warm and humid. The same rule goes for towels and equipment – let them dry before stowing them in the boat cabin!

Finally, in addition to using a dehumidifier, try using a fan. This will help circulate air, and can even push warm, humid air out of the cabin. Otherwise, air can stagnate in the cabin where there is no breeze. This results in a stuffy and humid environment.

That wraps up our review of the best dehumidifier for boats! Did you find the best dehumidifier for you? Leave a comment and let us know! And, if you're looking for other appliance reviews and recommendations, be sure to visit our blog for the latest content from Appliance Accreditor.

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