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Best Dehumidifier for Garage

In this Appliance Accreditor review, I'll tell you why the Yaufey Dehumidifier earned our accreditation for the best dehumidifier for garage use.

The garage is vulnerable to moisture and humidity because air will rush in as soon as the garage door is opened. If you store anything of value in your garage, from power tools, to cars, to old furniture, this humidity may damage your belongings. With the Yaufey dehumidifier, you can keep your garage free of moisture and pests to protect these items. If you're not sure what your space requires, use our guide to determine what size dehumidifier you need.

If you want to get the best humidifier for your garage, keep reading. After taking a closer look at the Yaufey dehumidifier, I'll review some of your other best options for garage dehumidifiers. Then, we'll tackle some FAQs regarding dehumidifiers in the garage and other ways you can keep your garage cool and dry.

Best Dehumidifier for Garage: Yaufey Dehumidifier

The Yaufey dehumidifier is an incredibly effective dehumidifier. It's perfect for your garage and any other similarly sized spaces!

The Yaufey dehumidifier removes four gallons of water from the air per day – that's 32 pints of liquid! That's a lot of liquid, and you'll notice this efficiency if you live in a humid climate.

Plus, you don't have to empty the tank on a regular basis. With 24-hour operation, the Yaufey dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the tank is full. If you don't want to manually empty the tank every few hours, you may want to consider using the included drain hose. This allows you to leave your dehumidifier running around the clock, as it drains through the hose into a sink or another desired area.

The Yaufey dehumidifier is designed with handles and wheels, so it is very easy to move. If you need to move it around your garage or into other areas of your home, you'll be able to roll it or lift it easily.

The Yaufey also comes equipped with smart technology that can monitor the humidity levels of the room. After setting the desired humidity level on the appliance, it will self-adjust for optimal results. This means it will automatically kick into high gear or stop working depending on your desired humidity levels and the environmental conditions.

Essentially, all you have to do with this dehumidifier is choose your desired settings and let it run. Since it includes a drain hose, there's nothing for you to worry about except the occasional cleaning of the filter. It removes a massive amount of water from the air on a daily basis, and works in spaces up to 1,500 sq. feet. For these reasons, it's my top recommendation for a garage dehumidifier.


  • Included drain hose
  • Smart humidity monitoring
  • Built-in handles and wheels
  • Removes 4 gallons of liquid/day


  • 1/2 gallon tank size

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Runner-Up: Vremi Dehumidifier

The Vremi dehumidifier is my second favorite dehumidifier for garage use. Dubbed the “Moisture Maniac”, the Vremi dehumidifier is more than capable of drying the air in your garage – but it lacks my favorite features of the Yaufey.

The Vremi appliance is an effective dehumidifier, removing as much as 22 pints of water from the air per day. This may be hard to visualize – until you go to empty the tank for the first time! I was shocked at how much water the Vremi dehumidifier removed during its first 24 hours. Plus, as an Energy Star certified device, you can trust that it is operating at minimal energy consumption throughout this process.

The Vremi humidifier has several operation modes, including a continuous mode which lets you run the device constantly. All you have to do is set your desired humidity level, and let the Vremi do the rest. Out of the box, the Vremi will operate for 24 hours before automatically shutting off. This is typically enough to make a tangible difference in your air and collect a good bit of water. But, you can also connect a drain hose to the dehumidifier, allowing it to operate indefinitely. This is the way I would recommend using it, and it's a feature that can be somewhat difficult to find in dehumidifiers.

Other great features of this dehumidifier are its portability and accessibility. The Vremi dehumidifier has wheels and built in handles, so you can easily maneuver it around the garage when needed. This is great for when you need to clean the garage or move cars around. And by accessibility, I mean that it is easy to clean. The filter can be accessed without any significant disassembly, and all you have to do is wash it off to remove dust, dirt and other allergens. Just give it a quick rinse once a month and you're good to go.

This device is appropriate for spaces up to 1,500 sq. feet in space – more than enough for the average garage! The only complaint I have with this dehumidifier is that it doesn't come with the drain hose needed for continuous use.


  • Removes 22 pints of water from the air per day
  • Works in spaces up to 1,500 sq. feet
  • Energy Star certified
  • Drain hose compatible


  • Drain hose not included

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Premium Option: De'Longhi Dehumidifier

If you're looking for a premium dehumidifier, the De'Longhi dehumidifier is the option you'll want to go with.

Although it's serviceable area is slightly less than the dehumidifiers above at 1,000 sq. feet, it's incredibly efficient. The De'Longhi removes up to 70 pints of water from the air per day – that's equal to nearly 9 gallons! With its flexible scheduling, you can choose how you want it to operate.

The De'Longhi comes with a 16-foot drain hose, so you can choose to constantly run your dehumidifier and it will drain automatically. You also have the option of using a shorter 3-foot hose (also included) or letting the moisture collect in the tank. If you choose to let water collect in the tank, you can easily monitor it with the visible water level. With this, you can quickly check the tank volume at a glance, and empty it when needed. It even has an alarm so you will be notified when the tank needs emptying.

The De'Longhi dehumidifier has an LCD panel at the top of the device which allows you to adjust your settings and preferences. Here, you can select your desired humidity level, and your dehumidifier will operate accordingly. Its fan levels will adjust as humidity levels change in order to provide you with the optimal environment.

One of the best features of the De'Longhi dehumidfier is that it works well at lower temperatures. It can operate at temperatures as low as 41ºF, and has an anti-frost device built in so that it can continue to operate during the winter months. Like the other dehumidifiers we've looked at, the De'Longhi is Energy Star compliant so you can count on it running efficiently.


  • Multiple built-in drain hoses
  • Superior moisture removal
  • LCD button display and visible water level
  • Humidity monitoring and self-adjustments


  • Recommended area of 1,000 sq. feet or less

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Budget Option: LATITOP Small Dehumidifier

When it comes to budget-friendly dehumidifiers, the LATITOP small dehumidifier is probably your best option. It doesn't offer the same efficiency as the dehumidifiers above, but you'll be able to use it for single car garages without a problem.

This dehumidifier is appropriate for rooms about 400 sq. feet in size. This is slightly less than the average two car garage. I would not recommend it for two car garages, but it can make a difference. If you have a single car garage, however, this is a great option for improving the temperature and moisture levels in your garage.

The water tank in the LATITOP dehumidifier is 2L, which is comparable to the larger dehumidifiers above. Unfortunately, it automatically shuts off when it senses about 40% humidity levels. This is a problem if you're trying to achieve a dryer environment – but if not, it's nice that this dehumidifier will save energy once the job is done.

My largest complaint with this dehumidifier is that it doesn't allow you to use drain hoses. This is usually my favorite feature, as it allows you to operate the dehumidifier constantly without being emptied. The LATITOP dehumidifier, as a result, will need to be emptied on a regular basis. This isn't too much of a hassle if you live in a dryer environment, but it's definitely a step down compared to the other dehumidifiers on this list.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Low energy consumption
  • Large air inlet for quick dehumidification


  • Low area functionality – 400 sq. feet
  • Automatic shut-off at 40% humidity
  • No drain hose compatibility

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Garage Dehumidifier FAQs

The best humidifier for your garage will vary depending on your environment, garage size and other factors. Hopefully we've helped you narrow your options with the reviews above, but if not, consider some of these garage humidifier FAQs.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need for My Garage?

The average size of a standard two car garage is 24×24 to 24×30, which equates to between 576 and 720 sq. feet. This means you will need a dehumidifier that is designed for spaces of that size.

Most small and medium-sized dehumidifiers are designed for indoor use, and usually for a single room. This means that many of them have a functional limit of between 300 and 400 sq. feet. When shopping for a dehumidifier, you'll need to make sure you don't accidentally purchase one that is designed for small spaces like this.

All of the dehumidifiers listed above, except for the LATITOP small dehumidifier, are suitable for large spaces like garages. Of course, if you have a single car garage, you can probably get by with a smaller dehumidifier like the LATITOP. If you have a two or even three car garage, the other dehumidifiers we reviewed above will be perfect for your garage.

How Do I Get Rid of Moisture in My Garage?

Moisture in the garage is often a direct result of weather, which obviously, cannot be controlled. Therefore, a dehumidifier is often the best course of action for getting rid of moisture in the garage. But, maybe you'd like to try some other techniques before purchasing a dehumidifier. Or, maybe you'd like to make some adjustments so your dehumidifier doesn't have to work as hard!

In these cases, start by controlling the temperature in your garage. By heating your garage in the winter and keeping it cool in the summer, you can keep condensation to a minimum.

Also, try drying off your car before you park it in the garage! When snow or rain is on your car, parking your vehicle in the garage will allow moisture to evaporate directly into the air. By drying off your car beforehand, you can significantly reduce the amount of moisture in your garage.

My last tip is to get rid of old garage refrigerators and freezers. As these appliances get older, they're prone to leakage and dripping. And, in warmer weather, condensation can easily form, which will evaporate right into your air.

Will a Dehumidifier Help Cool a Garage?

A dehumidifier will not directly lower the temperature of your garage, but it can help your garage feel much cooler by reducing the relative humidity.

When humidity is high in your garage, the air will feel sticky, moist and warm. A dehumidifier will remove this moisture from the air, drying it out. As a result, the air in your garage may feel up to 10ºF cooler. This is a pretty big difference for just plugging in a dehumidifier!

Where Should You Place a Dehumidifier?

Your dehumidifier placement will determine how effective your dehumidifier is at removing moisture from the air.

Generally, the more space that is around your dehumidifier, the better it will perform. If you can place your dehumidifier in the center of your garage without any obstructions, this will give you the best results. Of course, if you park vehicles in your garage, it's understandable that this may not be an option.

As long as you can place your dehumidifier somewhere with about one foot of free space on all sides, it should be able to cycle through the air in your garage without a problem. Or, if you've got specific concerns in your garage, you can place your dehumidifier accordingly.

For example, if you want to prevent warm, moist air from entering the home, place your dehumidifier near the door to your home. The dehumidifier will first address the air around it, so this can minimize the humid air that enters your home. Similarly, placing your dehumidifier near the garage door will allow it to intake the outdoor air as soon as the garage is opened. However, make sure to avoid placing your dehumidifier next to woodworking tools or other equipment that will produce dust or shavings, which will clog the machine.

My last recommendation is to place your dehumidifier near any items or furniture that you need to protect. Placing it near your most valuable possessions will ensure that they receive direct benefits from the dehumidifier, whereas an object across the garage may not receive the same level of air treatment.

That'll cover it for our post on garage dehumidifiers. Are you looking for other appliance reviews and recommendations? Be sure to visit our blog for the latest content from Appliance Accreditor.

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