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Buyer’s Guide

Small Kitchen Appliances: A Buyer’s Guide

When you’re limited to an oven and a microwave, your cooking options can be pretty limited. But, if you get your hands on some other kitchen appliances, your kitchen’s menu options will increase exponentially!

This buyer’s guide considers all of the small kitchen appliances you may want to include in your home. We’ll also take a look at the qualities and features you need to consider when planning to make a purchase.

Blenders: A Buyer’s Guide

Many blenders are designed for a specific purpose – typically a certain type of food or beverage. All-in-one blenders tend to be just mediocre at making many things. This means you’ll probably need a specialized blender depending on the items you’d like to make.

Lucky for you, Appliance Accreditor has developed this buyer’s guide for all your blending needs. We’ll take a look at all the things you need a blender to do so you know what to look for when shopping for this staple kitchen appliance.

Appliances for Pet Owners: A Buyer’s Guide

We can all agree that having pets is worth all the training, cleaning and care that they require. That’s why there are over 85 million households in the U.S. with a pet.

But, your time is much better spent playing with your pet than cleaning up after them. Luckily, there are tons of home appliances you can get to make your life easier. These are appliances designed to address the unique demands of pet owners – and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them.