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How Much Does it Cost to Run a Chest Freezer

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Chest Freezer?

Chest freezers allow you to expand your long-term food storage at a low cost. These energy efficient appliances can store food for years at a time without cluttering your kitchen refrigerator! However, like all other appliances, chest freezers consume electricity, and their energy consumption will impact their overall cost.

Below, we're going to answer the question, “How much does it cost to run a chest freezer?”. Chest freezer energy costs are important to consider before getting one of these appliances, so we want to help you figure out what to expect from your prospective chest freezer. If you're just starting to shop for a chest freezer, be sure to explore our in-depth chest freezer buying guide for everything you need to know.

Chest Freezer Energy Usage

The term “energy efficient” can mean very different things for different appliances. Before committing to an appliance, it's important to consider the actual energy usage of a given appliance and how it will impact your electric bills. After all, an energy efficient chest freezer will help you save money in your effort to conveniently preserve food.

To determine chest freezer energy usage, we have to start with wattage – the measurement that describes an appliance's power usage. Nowadays, most appliances will display their wattage front and center, especially on online stores like Amazon. It shouldn't be hard to locate the wattage for the following example.

Generally, chest freezers use around 200-400 watts. We will use an estimate for our examples below, but be sure to find your particular chest freezer's wattage for an exact estimate.

After getting the wattage, you will need to convert it to kilowatt-hour (kWh) and the formula is very easy to remember. Divide the wattage by 1,000 (1 watt is equivalent to 0.001 kilowatt-hours).

Let's use a chest freezer that uses 350 watts, here is the measurement:

350 watts/1,000 = 0.35 kWh  

This will be the estimated energy usage of your appliance, which you can then use to estimate your chest freezer energy costs.

Chest Freezer Energy Costs

After determining the kilowatt-hours, we are closer to getting the actual energy cost. The next step is to identify how much your electricity utility provider is charging you per hour.

The formula in getting the actual energy cost is:

Kilowatt-hour usage (kWh) x electricity rate ($/kWh)

We'll continue the same example from above with the average energy cost in the U.S. of 13¢ per kWh.

0.35 kWh x 13¢ = $0.0455 per hour

With our estimates, the average chest freezer will produce energy costs of approximately $0.0455 per hour. If we expand this number, we can determine an accurate estimate for daily, monthly and annual chest freezer energy costs:

1 hour$0.0455
24 hours / 1 day$1.092
1 month$32.76
1 year$393.12

Keep in mind that your actual cost might be a bit lower or higher, depending on how much your electricity provider charges in your area and the wattage of your chest freezer.

How to Lower Chest Freezer Energy Costs

Naturally, it is in everyone's interest to save energy costs on appliances. If you think that using a chest freezer will increase your monthly electricity bills more than desired, then we have some tips on how you will be able to save on energy costs while using your chest freezer.

  • Get the right chest freezer size that will suit you and your family's needs
  • Find a chest freezer that has an Energy Star logo 
  • Remember to leave the chest freezer's door closed when not in use as opening it will let the cold air out 
  • Regularly clean condenser coils of dust and make sure that there is a clear space around the freezer to prevent the buildup of heat

With the tips above, you will be able to keep your monthly chest freezer energy costs to a minimum!

Most Energy Efficient Chest Freezer

As we touched on above, an energy efficient chest freezer is a guaranteed way to save on energy costs. If you're looking for one of these energy efficient appliances, we'd recommend a MOOSOO chest freezer.

All MOOSOO Chest Freezers are rated 100 watts and average less than 1 kWh per night. This is sure to minimize your energy costs compared to other options. As a refresher, with the average kWh costs in the U.S., this chest freezer will cost less than 13¢ per day to run.

MOOSOO chest freezers also use embossed aluminum liner, corrosion-resistant materials and environmental protective materials. This results in a durable and eco-friendly chest freezer that will last for years. Furthermore, it's one of the quietest chest freezers available, operating at less than 39 dB. Finally, these chest freezers also come in a variety of sizes. You can find the perfect size for your needs, with options that include: 

MOOSOO Chest Freezers offer a temperature range of -12ƒ to -30ƒ that you can adjust according to your preferences and the food that you will be storing in your chest freezer. They also have 2 adjustable level feet and 2 rear wheels, making it portable in the event you need to move it from room to room. Plus, these MOOSOO freezers come with removable storage baskets to help you better organize the contents of your freezer.

MOOSOO Chest Freezers are ideal for: 

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Garages

We hope we've thoroughly answered the question, “How much does it cost to run a chest freezer?”. If you have any other questions regarding your home appliances, be sure to check our collection of appliance buying guides for everything you need to know. Thanks for reading!

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