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What are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier?

You might remember the water cycle from your high school science lecture: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. The water cycle is constant and is always taking place in the air you are breathing, even if you are inside your home. This is why your home's humidity levels can vary; it will change depending on the amount of water vapor in the air. Too much humidity will pose a problem, and this is where a dehumidifier comes in to help you. So, what are the benefits of a dehumidifier?

The main function of a dehumidifier is to filter out moisture from the air and then return dry, clean air back into your home. Aside from helping to make your home more comfortable, using a dehumidifier can produce a number of great benefits for your home and your health. Below, we'll take a look at the largest benefits of dehumidifiers, and why you might want to consider owning one.

1. Reduce Humidity Levels in Your Home 

Dehumidifiers are very useful appliances that help maintain preferred and healthy humidity levels in your home. Proper humidity levels can produce a more comfortable environment, especially if you are located in a muggy or tropical climate. Without a dehumidifier, your home could develop mold and mildew on numerous surfaces, making it difficult to clean.

Most notably, dehumidifiers keep your home dry and comfortable. Whether you are looking for ways to stay comfortable in hot, humid summers, or to simply reduce humidity in problem areas like your basement or laundry room, dehumidifiers are a simple and effective solution.

2. Improve Your Health and Wellness

This is probably the most important benefit on our list; dehumidifiers create a healthy environment and help improve your overall health and well being. Research shows that humidity levels of 30%-50% have specific health benefits. Therefore, a majority of health problems will be prevented if your home’s humidity level is below 50%. 

Do you remember the old saying, “Health is wealth?” If you don't, you will certainly understand it after using a dehumidifier for a few weeks! In the process of removing excess moisture from the air, dehumidifiers are also able to remove allergens, mold and other unwanted particles from the air. 

Here are some specific dehumidifier benefits that can improve health:

  • Dehumidifiers keep your home inhospitable for allergens to reduce the severity of allergies
  • It has been identified that people who are troubled with asthma are often exposed to mold and/or mildew. Dehumidifiers prevent mold and mildew, thereby preventing asthma symptoms.
  • Dehumidifiers reduce mold spores and the odors coming from mold, protecting your lungs and intestines from dangerous bacteria, and your nose from off-putting smells!
  • Dehumidifiers help soothe the skin and prevent irritation
  • Dehumidifiers also make breathing easier for people who have respiratory diseases

3. Minimize Pest Problems 

Insects may carry diseases and these critters enjoy damp locations—dehumidifiers keep these insects out by making your home a less comfortable environment for them. When the humidity level in your home exceeds 50%, various organisms such as bacteria and mold spores might thrive.

Basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms that have high humidity levels often attract insects.  In addition to being unsightly, pests can also pose health risks and maybe even risk of injury. Thankfully, a dehumidifier can keep these insects far away from your home so that you and your loved ones can relax safely and comfortably.

Dehumidifiers can minimize pest problems such as roaches, silverfishes, and spiders since these pests are known to be attracted to moist environments.

4. Prolong Furniture & Equipment Life

Maybe you’re not experiencing allergies or don’t have any health concerns, but you want to take care of your furniture and other belongings. One benefit that you might not know about is that dehumidifiers prevent rust from forming. Your computer, electronic equipment, and tools in your house can rust if the air is too humid. Dehumidifiers prolong the life of your furniture as the possibility of developing mold and rust is greatly reduced. Plus, dehumidifiers can even help your clothes dry faster – and we've got a guide on the best dehumidifier for your laundry room if this is an important quality for you.

5. Lower Air Conditioner Energy Costs

Having your air conditioner on for 24 hours a day will greatly affect your power bill. A dehumidifier’s power consumption is much lower than an air conditioner, so many homeowners save as much as 70% on their energy costs when using a dehumidifier instead of an air conditioner. Dehumidifiers also help cool a room, because humidity can exaggerate warm temperatures and cause added discomfort.  Just be mindful of getting a dehumidifier with an Energy Star logo, which will ensure that you select a dehumidifier with low energy costs. 

Keep in mind, having a power-hungry dehumidifier will affect your monthly bills. We've put together a guide on dehumidifier running costs so that you can determine the energy savings you'll enjoy by using a dehumidifier. Be sure to read this guide for everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing an energy efficient and cost-effective dehumidifier!

What Are The Indicators That You Need A Dehumidifier?   

Like almost every appliance, dehumidifiers require regular maintenance for it to work optimally and last as long as possible. If you’re not sure that you need a dehumidifier, or if you are currently thinking about purchasing one, below are the sure signs of high humidity in your home. You might need a dehumidifier if you notice these details:

  • Water stains on walls and/or ceilings 
  • Family member who has a prolonged allergy season, consistently
  • A lingering damp smell in an area of your home 
  • Unwanted pests including cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders
  • You experience symptoms of respiratory illness, like cough and/or runny nose

Final Thoughts on Dehumidifier Benefits

There’s no place better than your home – protect it! Dehumidifiers not only help the people living in your home but also the equipment, furniture, and the decor you use in making your home a better place. Dehumidifiers are an excellent appliance that reduces humidity and makes your home more comfortable throughout the year. 

Now that you know what the benefits of a dehumidifier are, you might be wondering how you can select the dehumidifier that's best for your home. Click here to read our Dehumidifier Buying Guide, which will cover everything you need in searching for the perfect dehumidifier. There's never a wrong time to shop for a dehumidifier!

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